In today's world, not having an efficient Barbeque can really be a problem.

The (6) six big excuses for not barbequeing are:

Too Hard to Light!
Long Start-up Time
Too Messy to Clean
Unsanitary Grill
Wastes Charcoal
Awkward to Carry and Store

Fortunately, the Son of Hibachi™ gives you six (6) reasons for barbequeing:

1. Easy to light - Convenient lighting tray under charcoal allows quick, foolproof start-up.

2. Fast warm-up time - "Chimney" and "Blast Furnace" effect of heat rising through charcoal creates a concentrated heat build-up which allows cooking to begin in 10 minutes (or sometimes less) after start-up. This contrasts with 45 minute warm-up time of most conventional units.

3. Self cleaning - When unit is closed after cooking, ashes drop automatically into lower tray for easy disposal.

4. Sanitary - Trapped heat incinerates residual grease and scraps which cleans and sterilizes the grills. No rancid grease or messy grill cleaning.

5. Economic - Charcoal is smothered after use. For steaks, hamburgers, etc. the same charcoal can be used five or six times. Also eliminates fire hazard of charcoal burning unattended after cooking.

6. Compact - Easy to carry and store. Takes about one fourth the space of other barbecues and has 170 square inches of cooking surface. Ideal for apartments and mobile homes. Also ideal for trailers and boats.


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