The Mr. Fireplace™ - EMBER CHEF FIREPLACE GRILL™ enables anyone to enjoy the barbeque flavor in the comfort of their own home or cottage. Even by candlelight in the event of a power failure! Simply prepare your meal, remove the grill, add a log and dine by the fireside.

When assembled, the support bracket and legs may remain permanently in your fireplace, acting as a draught spacer between the back of the firebox and the wood.

Allow your fire to burn down to red coals and add a layer of charcoal briquettes. When white ash covers the briquettes, spread them out to reduce excessive flare-ups and insert the grill. You are ready to barbeque!

True barbeque flavor is achieved by juices dripping on the embers. Ashes from the embers conveniently absorb and burn off any excess juices.

Caution: Barbequeing in your fireplace is convenient, nutritious and fun. Note directions and precautions on charcoal containers. Always check to see your damper is fully open for adequate fireplace ventilation and pre-warm your flue. Your fireplace needs to perfom efficiently and safely prior to using your Mr. Fireplace™ - EMBER CHEF FIREPLACE GRILL..

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